What Makes Us Different?

How does our business differ from others?

Our facility has a state-of-the-art laboratory that allows us to best diagnose your pets the same day and start the right treatment immediately, instead of having to wait a day or two for lab results to come back. Prompt diagnosis and treatment, result in a better prognosis.

Our project of innovating veterinary visits include minimizing the fear, and stress in all pets and owners. We have four exam rooms, and one of them is dedicated mostly to cats to minimize their stress level.

We are one of the few practices in the area that have dental X-rays, allowing us to best diagnose pets’ mouth health, whether it is to extract or save a tooth.

We pay special attention to the cleanliness of our hospital by implementing bio-security protocols and constant disinfection several times a day throughout the entire hospital to prevent infections and disease transmission.

Our boarding areas are also available to be seen by clients at all times. Anzer Animal Hospital has spacious inside runs, and big shaded outside runs for the comfort and well being of all pets boarding with us. Our boarders go out for exercise and play time several times a day with our staff.

Our extraordinary staff and customer service has been carefully selected to provide our clients with the finest and most respectful treatment.


Office Hours


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